Anonymous asked: Tell me more about your Rosko!

I love my Rosko. It rides great, fits me just right and has lead me to 20 podium finishes in just over a year of racing on it.

Anonymous asked: So... how's the offseason treating you? What's the plan for road season this year?

Whoops i’m answering this a little late…off season is over…. racing season has begun and it’s going great. I race on the road for Stan’s NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX women’s racing team.

Anonymous asked: whats the craziest thing you have seen on a ride/and or at a race?

A massive banana truck spill going across the entire road. Thousands of bananas. Bananas are impossible to ride over….slippery…just like in the cartoons. Photo reference on my Instagram @BBrittLee


I shot the Stan’s NoTubes / EWX camp last weekend in Connecticut. I hear they have a new website coming shortly but for now keep checking their Facebook page. 

I am always so busy with team stuff…thankfully I have Dan along to take photos :)

Anonymous asked: Hey Girl! Tell me about your MTB. What kind is it, what's spec'd on it? Do you consider yourself a gnar shredder?

I am of the amateur gnar shredding camp. But I aspire to improve.
My MTB is pretty sweet: Fuji Mt Fuji carbon pro with a Manitou fork, 26in wheels. Rotor cranks, SRAM xo….I really love riding it…got it fully ready to go from a guy on eBay and I’ve been totally happy with it.

Anonymous asked: Name and phone # of said cousin? just kidding. I wanted to tell you that you're beautiful and your glasses and small stature make you adorable. plus the fact you ride bikes (really fast) makes you a dream girl. Very well, I shall bother you no longer. carry on. *sniff*

I just had an odd encounter with a guy yelling from a truck window at me and I was convinced it was you…then I got an other message that clarified that.
….thanks for the compliments.

Greetings Boulder!

Anonymous asked: I secretly have a huge crush on you. do you, by any chance, have an identical twin living somewhere in the world? i'd move there in an instant.

Well that’s sweet and unusual…thanks for asking….?
The closest I have to a twin is my cousin.


What happen when you you cross Edward Hopper, Marky Mark, and Martin Parr? Something like this. 

Some really lovely photos from Gloucester.